Dec 2, 2009

Our Vietnamese Preschool

The girls have returned to Hannah' s old preschool called, O'hana.  We love the teachers there.  It's a dual language school and really helped Hannah gained a pretty good grasp of Vietnamese.  Though now that we've spent a year in Texas, the girls have forgotten all their Vietnamese.  They have returned to O'hana two mornings a week.  They're teachers say it's just not enough and they haven't bonded with the teachers or their classmates.  We are thinking of increasing to four mornings a week (9 - 12pm) and see if that helps.  That means we'll have to push English homeschool to the afternoons.  When I take them to the store with me I tell them what to say and they are always willing to try repeating me.  They've made good progress but it's a bit slow.  It's really important to us that they learn to communicate here and feel comfortable interacting with either foreigners or Vietnamese.  We'll see how the new plan works out  beginning in January.

The silly faced kid with the Harvard sweatshirt is Danny, Hannah''s main buddy.  (He's the only one who speaks English haha)

This is Allison's little class.  It only has 8 kiddos and they are hilariously silly and cute!

Auntie Cheri, don't look cause, yes, Allison is painting while wearing the white Ralph Lauren dress you bought.

These kids have cute nick names like Mui, Bip, Mit, Coung.  I don't know what these particular names mean but parents give their kids a proper name like Khanh Linh and then give them a nick name or a 'house name'  like Pig, Potato, Jackfruit.


  1. Love seeing the kids school and friends. Very fun. It is hard to get homeschool done and have the kids go to a local school. I just keep telling myself that it will pay-off and we will all be so happy when we can communicate. Hang in there! Tell the girls William and Grace are thinking about them. : )

  2. I wonder what the nicknames of Allison and Hannah would be? Sparky, Smarty, HugKissy, Monkey probably.

  3. Probably truthfully, Ali and Hannie.