Sep 14, 2009

Gotta get out

Today Hannah and I made a calender so she could see what's going on before we leave for Viet Nam and even understand that we are returning really soon. So it turns out we have 10 days left till we fly to Ha Noi and 2 sleeps left in our home here. Yeeks! We have lots to tidy up but our hearts are ready to be back!

Thursday night I was feeling blue and totally unmotivated to cook dinner amongst the boxes and bits. Sherm suggested we go out but I couldn't even think where we should go. We ended up going to a place called Logans. When we walked in Hannah saw peanut shells all over the floor there and exclaimed, "This place is rocking!"

We had so much fun eating there as a family, just the four of us. Knowing what big changes are ahead it's wonderful to have a family that sticks together and grows closer together through big transitions.