Dec 5, 2009

Organized Chaos

A lot of people who come to Vietnam remark about the electrical wires. Hannah at one point thought they were webs for monster size spiders. They are super tangled and often hang so low I have to remind the kids to step over them and be sure not to touch them. This week however, the city is cleaning them up by gathering them up into tidy bundles using those awesome plastic ties. I love plastic ties!

This is the street we live off of.




  1. Wow! What an impressive difference! Is there some big international event coming soon?

  2. that's crazy! i sure am glad the govt decided to do something about them. miss y'all!! (hugs for the girlies!)

  3. oh by the way, i thought you'd get a kick out of a term i saw on one of my hong kong friend's facebook status. she got married and stated that she loved her trip and her family and that the "Fam-neymoon" was fantastic. LOL get it? fam-neymoon. hahahaaa.... man.... i can't do that...